Perspectives of Children and Young People with a Parent in Prison

This research was conducted in Scotland although it can be read and learned from by people from any country.

It notes that in Scotland in 2009 there were more children with a parent in prison than experiencing divorce, and explores the idea that separation as a result of parental imprisonment is traumatic for those children. The report looks at literature around this trauma including the likeliness of these children developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and offending behaviours in later life. The researcher interviewed a small sample of children, young people and some carers. The findings were concerned with experiences e.g. grandparental care of children, the want for their views being taken into account by a judge and the impact the imprisonment of a parent has had on them e.g. levels of anxiety. The report concludes that children's rights, views and best interests must be taken into account in the event of parental imprisonment and makes recommendations for Scottish Policy, courts, remand and sentencing.

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