Barnardo's i-HOP & Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership Guidance for Working with Children who have a Parent (or Significant Family Member) in Prison

This protocol developed by the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership in partnership with Barnardo's i-HOP builds on the Bolton Safeguarding Children Board's guidelines.

This guidance has been written to assist all professionals who work with children who have a parent or significant family member in prison and to encourage a strategic approach to meeting the needs of this potentially vulnerable group. Sections include: - Aims of the Guidelines - Background - Impact of Parental Imprisonment on a Child - Building Resilience, Improving Outcomes - Tackling Stigma: The Importance of Confidentiality - Bringing about change: Role of Professionals, Organisations and Multi-Agency Forums - Coordinating Support: Common Assessment Framework (CAF) There are also 2 appendices with additional guidance for schools as well as information and guidance around arrest, prison and release.

Please see the full multi-agency guidance below:

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The Centre is delivered by Barnardo’s in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS).
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