Fixers CD resource to make prisoners aware of the effects imprisonment has on their families

Fixers, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, is a movement of young people tackling issues they feel strongly about to make a difference to others.

'Fixers' are young people who want to change things for the better. Many have been through difficult times, and have used that experience to campaign on issues that matter to them, like being homeless, drink and drug misuse and parental imprisonment. Visit Fixers for further information about the organisation. As part of their campaigns, and working with professional producers, the young people are able to create films, songs, music videos and other resources. ITV has supported Fixers to showcase their campaigns across regional networks. One 19 year old Fixer has created a CD audio resource containing interviews with prisoners and their families discussing the impact of imprisonment. 'The family are doing the sentence with the offender, and it puts a lot of strain on the family which the person in prison does not realise.' (Fixer) The aim of the CD is to encourage everyone (offenders, professionals and their families) to consider the impact of criminal behaviour and prison on family members. 

Visit the campaign at Fixers.


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A: 1st Floor, Calpe House, St Thomas Street, Winchester, SO23 9HE

Listen to the audio documentary below

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