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21st Mar, 2019

A Families Perspective: A blog by Danielle Part 2

This is part 2 the story of Danielle and her family, continuing to describe how their lives were impacted by the imprisonment of her partner, Marcus


For the second part of her story, Danielle has written a poem.


The house is so empty without you here

It’s even more difficult with you so near

Its 9pm and I’m writing you this

I’d do anything to give you a little kiss

The pain I feel is like I’m grieving

I know you have the exact same feeling

But you said you feel it’s like you've died

Its hurts that much we've cried and cried

I'm so grateful that you are alive

So bring it on even if you do 5!

No matter how long the sentence may be

We will get through this as a family

I miss those nights you'd come through the door

You'd get in the shower leave your clothes on the floor

Their things I don't miss when you was here

But I certainly miss when we'd have a beer

We've had fun nights where we've laughed and laughed

And this is why you’re my first and my last

You always support me no matter what

A lot of people wish they have what we've got

You’re so special and my best friend

I'm here with you till the very end

Don't worry about the things you will miss

Isaac and Oscar are still little kids

I don't even remember when I was 7

I think it’s more from the age of 11

This is when they will need you the most

Then they can make us brews and toast

There's so much to look forward to in years to come

But always feel blessed you have 2 sons

I watch them on visits sat on your knee

Just like when they were the age of 3

We love and miss you like you wouldn't believe

This is why were sad when we leave

I sit here at night thinking of you there

Sat up twisting that afro hair

That place just isn't for people like you

When you phone me it sounds like a zoo

Just stay focused the best you can

I know you will come out a better man

Hang in there Marcus just stay strong

One day we'll be choosing our wedding song

So see if you can do a poem too

I'm done for now, speak soon I LOVE YOU...

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