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01st May, 2018

May - Focus on Training

During the month of May, NICCO will be highlighting our training provision.

It is estimated that there are 200,000 children a year that experience the imprisonment of a parent and 10,000 visits every week made to our public prisons by children and young people. Research increasingly shows the impact that parental imprisonment can have on these children: poorer outcomes, stigma, isolation, poor education attainment, health and financial difficulties.

In order to support those professionals who work with children of offenders, we deliver 3 different workshops:

  1. Hidden Sentence:

  2. A full-day, prison-based workshop on the impact of parental offending on children and families. The workshop includes a walk-through of the prison visiting process.


  4. Understanding the Needs of Children and Families Affected by Parental Offending:

  5. A 2 hour introductory workshop, for all professionals working with offenders, children or families, on the impact of parental offending and where to access support and advice.


  7. Supporting Children & Families Affected by Offending, a practice workshop:

  8. A 4 hour workshop for professionals working directly with children and families in the community. A detailed ‘how to’ guide on undertaking effective assessments and developing support plans. Please note this is a follow-on workshop and should only be attended by those who have attended either Hidden Sentence or the 2 hour introductory workshop previously.

There are currently 15 training workshops scheduled for this year - for further details visit our bookwhen page.

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