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All research and evidence on NICCO is reviewed using a Quality Assessment Tool (QAT) developed by the University of Huddersfield and Barnardo's.

Research and evidence is assessed in four key areas: Methodological Quality, Child-Centredness, Relevance to Policy and Strategy, and Relevance to Practice with offender's children. This ensures that items on the NICCO website are as useful as possible to academics, practitioners, commissioners and other professionals. For more information about the development of the QAT or to review research in order to list it on NICCO, please see the QAT webpage where you can download the Tool, Guidebook and a short step-by-step 'How To' document. Please contact us to submit quality assessed research on to NICCO.

Click on the icons to see a full list of items which have been awarded a standard icon or icon+ (for items which have scored particularly highly) in each key area:

This evaluation of the Pact website is easy to read and presented clearly. It uses service data collected from the telephone, email and postal aspects of the helpline as well as qualitative interview and survey data collected from helpline users by the evaluator. Findings from this evaluation could be utilised by other helpdesk and information providers. The evaluation broadly assesses how far the helpline has met its aims. These aims are; to reduce isolation of offenders families, to...
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You will need to become a member of Sage Publications to access the full article. This article relates to data collected in the USA but is relevant to academics and criminal justice system (CJS) service developers anywhere. This academic article reports on a quantitative logistic regression analysis which compares the effects of maternal and paternal imprisonment on adult daughters and sons CJS involvement. It uses data from the American National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult...
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This paper contributes new insights into the ways in which prison is experienced as an emotional space by mothers. It highlights the way in which the maternal experience for mothers in prison is often at best disrupted, at worst destroyed, by the location. Consideration is given to how maternal emotions and role are assembled and challenged through imprisonment and how mothers understand this experience whilst navigating motherhood post incarceration. The data presented is based on twenty...
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This document, published in July 2018 is an evaluation of the Pact Helpline for the families of prisoners and people with convictions.   It is a follow-up to a previous independent report 'At the End of a Line', by Dr Claire Goldsmith published in January 2017.
Hear Our Voice is the Prison Advice and Care Trust’s (Pact) London based project that aimed to support children affected by familial imprisonment in three ways.   • Provide direct community-based support with peer support elements to children affected by familial imprisonment to reduce isolation amongst this group.   • Advocate on behalf of children affected by familial imprisonment so that their...
This article, published in the The British Journal of Criminology looks at how it may be possible for family - prisoner relationships to actually improve during imprisonment.
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