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The NICCO Directory of Resources provides details of the huge number of tools, activities, practice models and guidance that have been developed by agencies to support offenders and their children and families.

Whether you are working directly with children, supporting offenders to maintain parental contact, helping a parent to prepare their child for a prison visit or simply want to develop your own understanding of the criminal justice system, this directory provides you with a range of resources to support and inform your work.

To support working with Children

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Offenders and Families

Find information, books, tools, activities and programmes to support your work with offenders and their partners or family members. View

To support Professional's Practice

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1. 'Offering A Helping Hand' Resources and guidance for families and others supporting people serving IPP

“Offering a Helping Hand” is a collaboration between Spurgeons and Southampton Law School. The booklet has been created for relatives of people serving an Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection (IPP) in England and Wales, and other people supporting them. The booklet can be accessed via the link below:

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2. A Point of View - Luke's short film

This short film on the Children Heard and Seen website is by Luke aged 10.   The film describes from Luke's perspective, what it is like to have a parent in prison and it includes and interview, conducted by Luke of the Deputy Governor at HMP Leicester.

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3. Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the Criminal Justice System

This is a detailed information sheet of abbreviations and acronyms used within the criminal justice system, provided by Inside Time - the national newspaper for prisoners in the UK. This list is intended for prisoners, their families and professionals to assist in better understanding the terminology used in the Criminal Justice System.

4. Being a Carer

This short leaflet is for carers of children who's parent(s) are sentenced to prison. The leaflet briefly touches on dealing with change in the child(ren)'s life, supporting the child(ren), keeping in touch with the parent(s) and how the carer can cope with their own feelings. There is also a short list of support services for families.

5. Being a Parent: A leaflet for parents in prison

This leaflet by Ormiston Families is aimed at parents in prison, detailing the importance of staying in contact with children and the ways that this can be done.   It highlights some of the key issues with regard to the child's care and emphasises the importance of the imprisoned parents role, in making life easier for their child. Also listed on the leaflet are a number of key contacts for parents in prison, their children and families. Download below.

6. Benefits information - Partner in prison

This web page provides information about entitlement to specific benefits if you have a partner in prison, including help with the cost of children and housing costs. There are links to information that explains the different types of benefits and give further advice. See benefits below:

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