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The NICCO Directory of Resources provides details of the huge number of tools, activities, practice models and guidance that have been developed by agencies to support offenders and their children and families.

Whether you are working directly with children, supporting offenders to maintain parental contact, helping a parent to prepare their child for a prison visit or simply want to develop your own understanding of the criminal justice system, this directory provides you with a range of resources to support and inform your work.

To support working with Children

Find activities, books, films, sound bites and worksheets to support your work with children and young people. View

Offenders and Families

Find information, books, tools, activities and programmes to support your work with offenders and their partners or family members. View

To support Professional's Practice

Find delivery models, case studies, local and national policies and guidlines, practice guides, briefings and resources for professional learning and development. View

241. Prison Service Journal Jan 2019

The Prison Service Journal for January 2019 has a focus on 'Prisons, Prisoners and their Families'

242. Strengthening Prisoners Family Ties

This is the HMPPS Policy Document: Strengthening Prisoners Family Ties. It contains the rules and guidance for prison staff on supporting the maintenance and development of prisoners' relationships with family, significant others and friends.

243. Needs Assessment: Veterans in Custody and their Families

Former members of the Armed Forces constitute one of the largest occupational groupings in prisons in the UK (Howard League for Penal Reform, 2011) with estimates of between 3.5% (DASA, 2010) and 6% (HMIP, 2014) of the prison population. The transition from military to civilian life can be a struggle for both the individual veteran and their families. Accessing employment, debt, housing, alcohol misuse, mental health and family relationships are frequently reported as challenges into the...

244. Faith Family and Crime - a report from Arooj

'Faith Family & Crime' is report that explores Muslim families' involvement with the Criminal Justice System and its impact on their health and social needs. Published in November 2018 the report was written in response to the lack of research undertaken, locally or nationally, which investigates the extent to which a family member’s involvement with the CJS affects Muslim families or the impact of the criminal justice system on their health and social needs. The...

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245. Children of Prisoners: A report from Crest Advisory

Crest Advisory have published a major new report 'Children of Prisoners: Fixing a broken system' The report seeks to demonstrate 'that children of prisoners are at risk of significantly worse outcomes than children not affected by parental imprisonment including an increased risk of mental health issues, and of being involved in the criminal justice system themselves in later life.' Also included in the report are the results of new research into the number of children...

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