Invisible Lives (previously Barnardo’s Essex CAPI Service

Barnardo’s Essex CAPI is changing:


Introducing Invisible Lives


Due to the growing success of the Barnardo's Essex CAPI service we are changing our programme to meet the needs of service users and organisations.

Essex CAPI has been funded by Barnardo's for over 5 years and set up to support and advice families who are affected by parental imprisonment. From the moment the service went live the CAPI team was inundated with referrals and requests for advice, professionals training and family support. 

However the service now supports a wider range of issues and concerns other than imprisonment. We now work closely with schools and other agencies to support young people at risk of hidden harms and other vulnerabilities including CSE, CE, drugs, gangs, knife crimes and youth offending. We provide early intervention and prevention programmes along with  1-1 mentoring sessions. We aim to educate, support and increase confidence and self-esteem for children and young people experiencing trauma and poor mental health and well-being as a result of their situation.

We now also to offer home, community and school support to children, young people and families affected by all  the different stages of the Criminal Justice System and work closely with police team, courts, prisons and other CJS agencies and referral and joint support.

Other services provided in addition to CAPI include:

  • A range of mental health and well-being services
  • Support for Essex Missing programme
  • Bespoke school mentoring sessions– ReFocus programme
  • Courses and workshops for schools– Girls Inspired and Touch Gloves sessions
  • Military Correction Training Centre family and detainee support
  • Invisible Lives professionals one day training courses.
  • A range of courses in prisons for staff, families and offenders

Click here for more information on Essex CAPI.

It’s an exciting time for Invisible Lives as we continue to develop new programmes and services to support and increase positive mental health and well-being in children, young people and their families. We hope you will embrace the new service and support its development.

T: 01268 558448
T: 07947219802


Suzanne Page     (Team Manager) 07807194589

Ros Allen            (Project Worker) 07710860677

Sarah Sardar      (Project Worker) 07590624311

Steph Eaton        (Project Worker) 07702137415

Toni Tebbs         (Project Worker) 07562950879


 The new leaflets and referral form are available to download below:


Our Partner

The Centre is delivered by Barnardo’s in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS).
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