Directory of Resources

The NICCO Directory of Resources provides details of the huge number of tools, activities, practice models and guidance that have been developed by agencies to support offenders and their children and families.

Whether you are working directly with children, supporting offenders to maintain parental contact, helping a parent to prepare their child for a prison visit or simply want to develop your own understanding of the criminal justice system, this directory provides you with a range of resources to support and inform your work.

To support working with Children

Find activities, books, films, sound bites and worksheets to support your work with children and young people. View

Offenders and Families

Find information, books, tools, activities and programmes to support your work with offenders and their partners or family members. View

To support Professional's Practice

Find delivery models, case studies, local and national policies and guidlines, practice guides, briefings and resources for professional learning and development. View

7. Child's Journey Worksheets

These worksheets are for children to complete during the time of a family member's imprisonment in order to explore how they are feeling about a situation and what they understand. They can be completed by children with the support of professionals or family members/carers. The worksheets aim to address children;s feelings through a variety of activities such as poetry, drawing and questions and answers. The worksheets cover topics such as visits, remand and court, arrest and school....

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8. Family Matters

This is a comprehensive resource pack suitable for practitioners working in various settings such as Children's Centres, Probation and Prison Services, Schools and others who are in direct contact with prisoners and their families.   It is a 'tool-kit' to enable and encourage professionals to better support and further understand the issues prisoners' families are faced with. It includes background policy and research information, helplines, benefits and financial...

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9. Daddy's working away - A guide to being a good Dad in prison

This accessible and practical book produced by Care for the Family and Pact has been written by prisoners and their families. It is aimed at fathers inside and is a realistic reflection of the difficulty of separation due to imprisonment, and how father and child relationships can be maintained. It is available to buy from Care for the Family or Pact. To order a copy from Pact please see contact details below:

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10. My Visit

This booklet explains the experience of visiting a prison to children using illustrations and easy-to-understand words. There are spaces for children to draw pictures with parents, carers, family members or professionals. It is available to download for free from Pact below: 

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11. Honest - Emma's Story

This booklet for 4 - 11 year olds, tells the story of a young brother and sister whose father is in prison. The characters highlight important emotions and issues which a child in their situation may experience, in a format that is accessible to children. It can be read with children by family members, carers or professionals. In addition to the narrative the booklet contains notes for the reader to help answer any questions children may have. There is also a list of contacts for further...

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12. Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration

This toolkit and app, produced by Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit educational organisation behind Sesame Street), contains various resources for children, family members and service providers working with children. The toolkit contains a guide for caregivers to help them in supporting their children, an information sheet for incarcerated parents with tips about how to communicate with your child, a story for children about a girl whose dad is in prison, and activities for children. There...

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