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The NICCO Directory of Resources provides details of the huge number of tools, activities, practice models and guidance that have been developed by agencies to support offenders and their children and families.

Whether you are working directly with children, supporting offenders to maintain parental contact, helping a parent to prepare their child for a prison visit or simply want to develop your own understanding of the criminal justice system, this directory provides you with a range of resources to support and inform your work.

To support working with Children

Find activities, books, films, sound bites and worksheets to support your work with children and young people. View

Offenders and Families

Find information, books, tools, activities and programmes to support your work with offenders and their partners or family members. View

To support Professional's Practice

Find delivery models, case studies, local and national policies and guidlines, practice guides, briefings and resources for professional learning and development. View

19. My Special Book

These simple worksheets produced by Ormiston Families are designed as a tool for young children to document their visit to either their Mum or Dad in prison.   It covers aspects such as who they are going to visit with, how they will get there, how they felt and what they talked about with their parent. There is space for the child to write, as well as draw pictures, of what their parent and visit looked like to them. Please download My Special Books below:

20. Prison Chat UK

Prison Chat UK (PCUK) is an online community offering support to those with a loved one in prison in the UK. PCUK offers a safe and non-judgemental environment for adults and young people to discuss issues and receive advice and support. Dedicated areas of the forum exist for members who are under 18 which are heavily moderated. PCUK is managed by a team of volunteers who all have first-hand experience of the UK prison system and supporting a loved one in prison. Members remain anonymous...

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21. Prisoners Information Book: Male and Young Offenders

This helpful information book is designed for prisoners who are unused to prison processes and procedures. It could be used by prisoners with children as well as families on the outside who want more information about how things work inside. It gives clear and detailed explanations of processes such as appealing against a sentence, visiting and contact with family and friends. Please see the Male and Young Offenders Information Book below: 

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22. When Dad Was Away

This illustrated book follows the story of Milly, and the challenges she faces when her Dad goes to prison. When she discovers that her father is in prison she is angry and confused. Visiting the prison for the first time is daunting, but seeing her dad makes up for it all. A week later, she gets a surprise: a CD of stories that her father has recorded. Christmas comes and everyone at school is looking forward to seeing Santa. To her amazement, her family have a celebration too, a...

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23. Visiting Day

This illustrated book from the US, depicts a young girl and her family as they await her father's release from prison. The story explores the importance of family relationships and support, and illustrates the anticipation of visiting day for the child. The book does not depict the crime, keeping the focus on the family, who has been left behind. Though a work of fiction, the events in the story are based on the real experiences the author had as a child when her Uncle was incarcerated....

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24. Beyond the Walls

This anthology is a collection of stories written by men inside, for the children they care about who are on the outside. These were written by prisoners as a means of expressing creativity and improving thier skills as part of rehabilitation. Key childhood related themes can be identified throughout. This book, a collaboration between Storybook Dads and Writers in Prison Foundation is avaible to buy for £4.99 (+£1.50 Postage and packaging). See Storybook Dads for more...

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