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In our 'News and Views' section you will find updates about new pieces of information added to our Directories and see the latest news from agencies and policy makers working with children and families of offenders.



Message for Children & Families


At NICCO, we think professionals need to hear your voice so they can give you the support you really need. That is why we have made a blog space on our website for you to share your message for professionals. Our messages for professionals blogs also provide the opportunity for children and families to share their views with practitioners about their experiences and reflections on the services they have received.


We would like to know how your experience made you feel, how it affected your family, what support you received or what you think could have been done better. A written blog must be no more than 500 words, but your submission can be in any format, for example a letter, poem, or picture.

So that we know you’re safe, blogs must be submitted by a professional, such as your support worker, teacher, social worker or probation officer.


If you are working with a child or family member who would like to contribute a message for professionals, please Contact Us to submit an entry. If you are interested in staying up-to-date with NICCO you can sign up to receive our regular email newsletter or follow us on Twitter.



New research by Crest Advisory reports that the number of children affected by parental imprisonment has been underestimated.
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